[mythtv-users] mythtv & the future of HD

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Thu Nov 15 23:15:26 UTC 2007

On Nov 15, 2007, at 3:09 PM, David Brodbeck wrote:

> On Nov 15, 2007, at 1:43 PM, Brad DerManouelian wrote:
>> They LOVE the idea that they might be able to slap a cable provider
>> with a fine. Look what they did about Janet Jackson's breast!
> Yeah, but slapping providers for technical issues doesn't help their
> political bosses the way enforcing content rules does.   The
> religious right casts a long shadow in the Republican party, and they
> eat content issues like the Janet Jackson thing up.

The only reason the FCC exists is to fine people for violating their  
rules which "protect" people. If you find someone that is out of  
compliance, they will act just to prove they are required.

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