[mythtv-users] Mac Mini boot failure]

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Thu Nov 15 22:23:19 UTC 2007

jedi skrev:

> On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 05:31:00PM +0100, Fredrik Hallgarde wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Quick summary:
>> How to set Mythdora 4.0 as default boot with BIOS on Mac mini and avoid 
>> a kernel panic?
>   When you originally set this up, and used the MacOS recovery
> disk to repartition your disks, did you setup your "DOS" partition
> marked as "MBR".
>   It sounds like the system wasn't partitioned right.
> [deletia]  
>   Just a stab in the dark really. My Ubuntu minimac
> configuration never exhibited anything like this. I 
> just followed the mini guide at the mythtv.org wiki.
> _______________________________________________
Thanks for the response.
No, I don't think I changed the partition type of the "Windows" 
partition to MBR.
Is that possible to change retroactively? What tool?

Can you even change the partition type or are you referring to the 
partition scheme of the entire disk?
Is it possible to change the partition scheme of the disk and not have 
to re-install?
(My understanding is that MacOS can boot from MBR style partitioning but 
might have issues with firmware upgrades)

As I dont have access to the machine right now I will see what I can 
find out about changing the partitioning next week.


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