[mythtv-users] MythTV Status in your MOTD

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Thu Nov 15 20:23:24 UTC 2007


The other day I was recompiling some kernels during the day on our
MythTV backend, which at the time happened to be recording my wifes
favourite program (Grey's Anatomy, we discovered it part way through the
season, so the repeats are good).  It turns out the compiling caused
some issues with the recording (which reduced the WAF). 

So to increase the WAF, I'm making sure this doesn't happen again.  I've
written a script that spits out the MythTV status which is then
displayed in the MOTD.

I've found this is a pretty effective way of letting me know of any
upcoming recordings and what is going to be happening on the system in
the next little while.  It is a whole lot easier than using the status
page on MythWeb.

I thought some of you might be interested. If you are, check out:

Sample output:

MythTV status for localhost
Status: Mon Oct 15 2007, 8:41 AM

cerberus (9) - Idle
cerberus (12) - Idle

Scheduled Recordings:
2007-10-15 13:30:00 - Grey's Anatomy
2007-10-15 18:00:00 - 3 News
2007-10-15 20:30:00 - Mythbusters
2007-10-15 22:00:00 - Flight Of The Conchords
2007-10-16 13:30:00 - Grey's Anatomy
2007-10-16 18:00:00 - 3 News

I run Debian, so there is a .deb.  For those not running Debian there is
a tarball (but the MOTD updating glue is Debian specific at the moment).
For those interested in hacking there is a git repository.

Hopefully I'm not the only one that finds this useful.


Andrew Ruthven
Wellington, New Zealand
At home: andrew at etc.gen.nz       |  This space intentionally
                                 |        left blank.
Andrew Ruthven, Wellington, New Zealand
At home: andrew at etc.gen.nz       |  This space intentionally
                                 |        left blank.
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