[mythtv-users] Master backend always up, slaves sleep/wake

Mike Hildebrand [m.hildebrand@gmx.de] m.hildebrand at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 20:09:18 UTC 2007

>On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 11:03:17PM -0500, Jon wrote:
>> Brad Templeton wrote:
>> > So I'm interested in people's tales of how hard it was to get these 
>> > working:
>> >         The tv402u or the wintv-pvr-usb
>> >         Suspend/hibernate with nvidia card
>>  Add
>> Option "NvAGP" "1"
>> to your xorg.conf, S3 works great.  ~2 secs. to ready state.  This may
>> only work with recent drivers.
>BTW, on another note, the docs seem to imply the typical situation with
>sleeping and wakeup is for all the servers to go to sleep if the system is
>idle, and all to wakeup if there is recording to do.
>What if the desire is that the master backend is an always on server, and
>you want it to wake the slaves when they have recording to do, then have
>them shut down when they are idle.   (Ideally in a situation with multiple
>slaves only waking the slave that's needed, though for now that's not a big
>issue for me as I am using only 1 slave backend and 1 master)  And of course
>waking a slave if a frontend wants to talk to it.
>Is this a workable configuration?  It seems I might be able to kludge it by
>having the shutdown script on the master do nothing while having the one on
>the slave shut the system down, though the master might keep thinking it's 
>This is for a situation where you do expect to have a server that's up all
>the time (doing other stuff like email/dns/mysql/etc.) but don't need that 

This question covers on of my top issues. Is there yet any solution to it?

My Master Backend is always on but if the Slave Backend is off, I can't 
schedule overlapping recordings because MythTV shows the Slave encoder as 

My system runs Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.10) with myth 0.20.2-0-ubuntu

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