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Pamela J. Ashworth (webmail) pashworth at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 15 19:39:53 UTC 2007

I promise to be no help at all

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>From: Bryan Bennetts <bryan.bennetts at gmail.com>
>Firstly, I have 3 dvb tuners, 

especially since all my tuners are analog cable - whatever you guys call that

and since I've been burned by missing the ends 
>of shows in the past I tend to stick 5-7 minutes on the start and end of 
>shows that I schedule (usually through MythWeb).  This means that back to 
>back shows get assigned to different tuners.
>Tonight I thought I'd put some effort into showing the girlfriend that you 
>don't really need to watch live tv,

an admirable ...um... thing to do

 if you just select eveything you want to 
>record the magical scheduler works everything out for you and you can watch everything at your leisure.

>Anyhoo, I got one conflict, that I wasn't expecting and from the show times 
>I'm pretty sure it shouldn't exist - I then told myth to record the show and 
>nothing has really changed in the lineup.  I don't have any special 
>channel/show priorites set.

my problem ends up being - no conflict, but House will be recorded next Friday. and of course, since that's not a conflict, the scheduler won't even tell me. If I don't check, I don't even know.

I think this did happen to me once, though. I usually assault the front end by hitting enter and having it tell me just what it thinks is conflicting (and since I have overruns at both ends of programs, though not as long as yours, it takes me a few minutes to read it and figure out where the problem is) and sometimes the problem is just an overrun - which I override - but sometimes I have real conflicts.

We did go thru this a couple of months ago. Someone would know where - if what we said then, applied now.
In the meantime, keep working on the girlfriend. Especially if she has any celebrity crushes - those power searches are great! (and you can set them and forget them, plus, if you hear something last minute on your favorite artist while you are at work, you can still record it via mythweb)

Pam from Boston
I'm not illiterate; just typing impaired.

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