[mythtv-users] Can you Sync MythTV Playback on multiple frontends

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Nov 15 13:38:45 UTC 2007

> two of us want to watch things in interconnecting rooms (eg one may be
> cooking dinner and one relaxing on the sofa). We both want to watch the
> 6.00 pm news. Sound carries from one room to the other so if they are not

 You can pick up an RF modulator and channel inserter fairly cheaply on ebay.
Then have the AV output of a frontend placed on a channel and fed out to the cable system in your house. Then Tune the TV's to the right channel and they will
all see the same stuff at the same time. The tickiest part is the IR control of it and that can be done with either RF remotes or IR repeaters around the house.

 I picked up an RF modulator for $20 from walmart, and have my slavebackend
feeding one of them that then connects to the incoming cable from outside 
and feeds the combined feed to my house giving my wife her syncronized audio
with mythmusic on multiple TV's around the house. And I have a second video card
in the same machine, running a second instance of mythfrontend outputting to another RF modulator on another channel feeding the signal to my motherinlaw nextdoor.  (25ft svideo cable through buried pipe to her house, into RF modulator
in her basement combining her incoming cable and my signal and send it to her house wiring. IR repeater in her living room reaches back over to the backend in
my basement to control it).

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