[mythtv-users] multirec protocol version = 3700?

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay at softlog.com.au
Thu Nov 15 01:11:41 UTC 2007

Allan Stirling wrote:
> Yes.
> It's to ensure that users don't report bugs that are caused 
> by mixing incompatible frontend / backend versions. Mythweb 
> should be OK to do this with in this instance, I believe. 
> Hopefully Daniel will comment.

Ah, that makes sense - thanks
> I hope you have a backup of before you switched to the 
> multirec branch just in case things go wrong. :)

Heh - still experimenting with Myth at the moment so not worried about 
backups - have already reinstalled from scratch several times, getting 
quite good at setting up Myth :)




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