[mythtv-users] How to connect a FE to a remote BE

Glen Hawksworth glenhawk at optusnet.com.au
Wed Nov 14 20:54:39 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 08:39 -0500, Josh White wrote:
> I would start with the networking basics.  
> Do you know the IP address of your backend?  Is it set correctly on
> your frontend? Your frontend/backend is probably working because the
> frontend is set to look at "localhost" or  Do you have
> the mysql password set correctly?  Check to see that the password on
> your working frontend matches your remote frontend.  If you have all
> this set correctly, then you should be able to connect. 

yes, I know the IP of both machines. I have tried entering it as a host
name on the remote front end but apart from that I don't know where else
to set it.
Yes, I believe that the FE/BE is looking at localhost and I also believe
I have the right password according to /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
however if I go into my BE and look at the settings it gives me IP
addresses (not "localhost") and port numbers but no password.

>Can you connect from your frontend box to your backend's mysqld?
> -h <backend-ip>")

have not tried this, will try when I get home

> If not check iptables and mysqld config. Use tcpdump and the log files.

This step I may have trouble with. Not sure what I am checking for

> If this is the first *client* FE (as opposed to one on the same system as 
> the BE) you might need to follow the directions in the HOWTO under the 
> heading "Modifying access to the MySQL database for multiple systems" 
> at the following link:
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-singlehtml.html#s6
> Craig.

Thanks Craig, great answer. I have a gut feeling that this would work but
when I type:

$ mysql -u root mythconverg

into the terminal i get:

Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

now I know the password but don't know where to put it or how to include
it in that line (mythtv told me that a root password was a good idea and
let me set one so I do know the root password)

> On Nov 14, 2007 7:39 AM, Glen Hawksworth <glenhawk at optusnet.com.au>
> wrote:
>         Hi all,
>         I hate to sound like a raging noob but where can I find a
>         guide that
>         will explain how to connect a FE to a BE across a LAN?
>         I think I am having MySQL problems because I can ping my
>         server but
>         cannot get a connection with MythTV. 
>         I have googled all sorts of variations of "MySQL", "MythTV",
>         "LAN",
>         "Connection", "FE", "BE", "Database", etc. but I am getting no
>         where.
>         If someone can give me a link or some answers I would be
>         forever 
>         grateful,
>         Glen
>         PS: Running a FE and BE on the server on Ubuntu Gutsy (and it
>         works!)
>         Running a FE on Mythbuntu Gusty
>         100 LAN connection with nothing else running
>         Tried connecting when watching tv on the server 
>         Tried connecting when NOT watching tv on the server
>         Can ping the BE from the remote FE
>         have tried using the IP as a server name on the remote FE
>         have tried using the host name as server name on the remote FE
>         Any useful information that you would like me to provide to
>         figure this
>         out? Just let me know
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