[mythtv-users] UK, transports and a relief ... (was About to give up - Avermedia 771 - not sensitive enough for UK DVB?)

Gary Dawes gary.dawes at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 18:58:56 UTC 2007

On 14/11/2007, Paul Broadwith <paul.broadwith at blueivy.co.uk> wrote:
> I thought I would give people an update on my situation with MythTV and
> my Avermedia card that I posted about before.
> I decided to buy myself a Haupauge Nova-T 500 card to try and get things
> working and had exactly the same problems I had before with the
> Avermedia cards (couldn't get some channels, poor reception on other
> etc.).
> After much faffing around I have managed to get all of the channels at a
> decent level of reception which is a huge relief. I finally managed to
> get BBC 1, 2 etc. today and I'll show how below.
> The Avermedia cards used to report 90%+ reception and an S/N of 50%ish
> on some channels. Now I have realised that the signal levels reported by
> the Avermedia cards are nonsense. I did read that you can't trust the
> signal quality reported by Hauppauge Nova-T cards, however I have to
> dispute that. The signal quality I have now is around 60%-80% depending
> on the channel. The S/N is always 0 (which puzzles me) however I know
> that the Nova-T card has noise reduction built-in. Anyway, it now works.
> I have been trying to get as many % out of the signals as I can. Redoing
> the connection between the cable running downstairs and the aerial
> actually increased the signal by about 7% and shortening the cable
> between the wall and the MythTV machine increased it by 2% (the cable
> was about 5m and coiled up on the floor - I replaced this with a 1m
> cable to get the increase). I also spent some time in the loft (I have a
> loft aerial) with a set top aerial, the MythTV box and a monitor to find
> out where the best signal was. Because I have a watertank slap bang in
> the middle of the loft I am limited as to where I can put the aerial.
> Finally, the biggest problem I had was that I could not pick up BBC 1
> etc. I managed this this afternoon using the ukfree.tv website. I looked
> at the Transports in the Transport Editor for the UK. The first entry
> was 562Mhz (I think it was 562). I looked at my transmitter here and
> it's broadcasting the signals in 530Mhz for BBC 1 etc. I change to the
> first transport and I picked up all of the channels immediately. My wife
> was adamant that this was working so she could watch Strictly Come
> Dancing on Saturday so you can see I was under pressure. My local
> transmitter is Rumster Forest so anybody in the same area needs to
> change MythTV.
> A tip for anybody who like me wasn't sure about the transport settings -
> go to ukfree.tv website and get your transmitter up and find out the
> frequency it is broadcasting channels on and make sure they match the
> entries in the Transport Editor. If they don't it's not going to find
> them so change them.
> I hope this helps somebody out there in the UK. The only thing that
> doesn't work is MythWeather but I know that is broken. I use MythDora
> and don't want to start changing too much in case it breaks something
> else so I'm going to leave that.
> Now that I have MythTV up and running I am amazed how incredibly it
> really is. Yesterday, by accident, I discovered streaming Live TV across
> the wireless network to my laptop. Okay I was only 3 feet from the TV,
> but it was the ability to do it that amazed me.
> Finally, I am using the glass-wide theme which is excellent, however
> when going into 'Watch TV' the tuner being used is displayed on the
> screen. It overwrites the area of the screen where the channel is being
> displayed and looks bad. Any way to turn this off?
> Kind regards,
> Paul

Thanks Paul.  I've been struggling with similar issues with freecom usb
tuners. Just checked my transport settings and my frequencies were all off
by fairly small amounts. It does mean that I can now pick up virgin1
(whoopee) and film4, where I couldn't before.


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