[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase runs from command line, but not from cron

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 10:38:41 UTC 2007

On 14/11/2007, David Watkins <watkinshome at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is there a command or syntax I can use to ensure that the cron job
> > executes the script with the same environment settings as the user?
> >
> > Thank you for any advise.
> I don't know about that but, to get a bit closer to the problem you
> could modify your script to send the console output of
> mythfilldatabase to a file.
> ie add
> > /home/media/scripts/getschedule.log
> to the end of the mythfilldatabase line
> There might be some clues in there.

I'd also redirect STDERR from the XMLTV grabber to a file - if MFDB is
failing to insert new data is could point to a grabber (or grabber XML
file) issue.

If you `echo $HOME` in your script do you get a valid value?

Nick Morrott

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