[mythtv-users] Best commercial detection?

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Wed Nov 14 05:54:56 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 13 November 2007, Steve O' Brien wrote:
> In the US.  Comcast standard non-HD service.  Most of the shows I'm
> recording do have network logos, although a couple of my local affiliate
> channels seem to display "their" logo occasionally, which messes things up
> as Myth doesn't seem to recognize that as being equal to say the NBC
> peacock.
> Most of my recordings are on the major broadcast networks, although a few
> other channels thrown into the mix as well (TNT, History, Discovery). 
> Would be happy if I could get NBC, ABC, etc happy.  I've tried swapping
> around with all of the different methods, Blank or Blank/Scene seem to be
> working best, but it's a tough call.  I'd be curious to hear what works
> best for everyone else...
> On Nov 13, 2007 9:15 PM, Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com> wrote:
> > On Nov 13, 2007, at 9:07 PM, Steve O' Brien wrote:
> > > Greetings;
> > >
> > > I've tried a couple of different commercial detection methods and
> > > haven't had much success with the accuracy of any of them.  Can
> > > anyone give me any suggestions as to what works well for you?  As an
> > > example of how poor the accuracy has been, I just recorded an hour
> > > long show last night that I went back and reviewed, and while the
> > > end result is right about the 40 minutes of actual show there should
> > > be, I think it only got one of the commercial breaks 100% right.
> > >
> > > This has been the only frustration I've had with Myth after
> > > switching my PVR box from GBPVR under Windows (GBPVR did commercial
> > > detection *amazingly* well, so I've got high expectations)
> > >
> > > -Steve
> >
> > Where are you located? What channel are you using? HD? What methods
> > are you using? Are you using the experimental commercial detection?
> >
> > I find that in the US, most of my high def channels are right on since
> > they LOVE to put the high-def bug in the corner while the show it on.
> > Lots of other channels work ok, but some stations are terrible for me
> > like TNT.
> >
> > -Brad

I usually only commercial detect HD OTA of the major networks.  I use
non-Strict Logo Detection.  I find CBS works 80-90% of the time.  The only
misses it seems to do are when it hits a HD commercial, it sometimes 
returns too early.

NBC plays more tricks with the logo, especially starting after a commercial
with no logo, then about 10 seconds of a color logo, then the standard HD
logo.  I'd guess my detection is only 40-50% accurate of a perfect hit,
most of the misses are it misses the first 30-60 seconds after a commercial

ABC, well until Lost returns, I don't watch much ABC so I can't remember
how well it does.  Fox is pretty good I think, but again waiting for 24 to 
return before I watch much Fox.

Certainly, it would be nice for better accuracy, but rarely do I find
its so bad I'd wish I didn't scan it.  Some movies and other shows
its hit ratio is pretty bad, jumping 5 minutes when there is no commercial
in sight.  TBH, I haven't tried to many other methods to see if another
works better.


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