[mythtv-users] Best commercial detection?

Steve O' Brien steveobrien at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 05:07:02 UTC 2007


I've tried a couple of different commercial detection methods and haven't
had much success with the accuracy of any of them.  Can anyone give me any
suggestions as to what works well for you?  As an example of how poor the
accuracy has been, I just recorded an hour long show last night that I went
back and reviewed, and while the end result is right about the 40 minutes of
actual show there should be, I think it only got one of the commercial
breaks 100% right.

This has been the only frustration I've had with Myth after switching my PVR
box from GBPVR under Windows (GBPVR did commercial detection *amazingly*
well, so I've got high expectations)

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