[mythtv-users] Set group filter in menu item?

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Tue Nov 13 21:28:18 UTC 2007

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On Nov 13, 2007 1:16 PM, Marc Sherman <msherman at projectile.ca> wrote:
> Doug Young wrote:
> >
> > This is an interesting idea (one that I like)...so...let me look 
> > into "would it be possible to mod the code to do this" ;-)
> >
> > If so, it should be a straightforward change.  What version of Myth 
> > are you running?  Are you comfortable compiling from source?
> I'm running 0.20.2. I'm currently using pre-built packages 
> (debian-multimedia.org), but I'll rebuild from source for this 
> feature, assuming it's available on the 0-20-fixes branch -- I'm not 
> sure if I'm comfortable running trunk on this box, though, as I have 
> to share it with my wife and toddler :)
> Thanks!
> - Marc

Well...I can't guarantee how quick (or if) it would make "fixes", however I
could provide a patch against the current fixes branch to you that you could
apply yourself.  I'll look into it this evening or tomorrow.


Doug, I'd be interested in this patch too. But you're saying that I'd have
to build from source? Where do I get the source, and are there any good
"build from source instructions" I can find?
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