[mythtv-users] Slave back end live TV or recordings not accessible on other front ends

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 18:06:03 UTC 2007

I have a feeling I am missing something obvious so I
hope that someone here can point me in the right
direction.  This is the setup.

Master back end has 3 data disks and 4 tuners (2
tuners of a HD HomeRun for OTA and a PVR-500 fed by
two satellite boxes).  MBE also has a frontend running
on it (infrequently used, kitchen TV with RF modulator
and RF remote).  Disks are NFS exported r/w and
configured in the default storage group.

Slave back end is diskless and has a pcHDTV card
connected to an antenna and a PVR-150 connected to a
satellite box.  Disks from MBE are NFS mounted and
configured in the default storage group.  SBE has a
frequently used frontend hooked to the hi-def family
room TV.

There are two more frontend only systems in bedrooms. 
They are set to connect to the master back end.

MySQL database resides on a server accessible from
both the MBE and SBE and all of the front end systems

What works as I would expect: almost everything.
Specifically watching live TV from the family room TV
uses the SBE tuners (satellite or OTA switches from
PVR-150 to pcHDTV as expected).  I can play back a
manually-initiated recording on the front end attached
to the SBE and also play back all MBE recordings and
watch live TV on any MBE tuners.  MBE prefers to use
its local tuners for scheduled recordings and does not
schedule SBE tuners unless all of its tuners for that
source are busy.  Live TV on the non-SBE works with
the MBE's tuners.

What does not work as I expect: watching live TV from
anywhere except the SBE, hit "Y" and when it gets to
the source on the remote back end, it hangs for a
while and returns to the main menu, showing nothing. 
Recordings made from SBE tuner show up in MythWeb but
are not watchable anywhere except the SBE's frontend.


1. How to make it so that *any* front end can watch
recordings originally made through the SBE?

2. How to make it so that *any* front end can watch
live TV through the card on the SBE if both cards on
the MBE are busy?

3. If SBE's storage groups were completely empty (no
directories entered) then both SBE and MBE would
repeatedly die with a SQL query error as it tried to
get a list of directories.  Is "myth protocol" to
stream data from the SBE to the MBE and write it to
disk possible instead of NFS?  Desirable?

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