[mythtv-users] Elevating privileges for network handling (was: Re: new YouTube plugin for MythTV)

Islam Amer pharon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 17:56:28 UTC 2007

I am involved obviously, but only for packaging, uploading and other
minor stuff.
The announcement came a little earlier than should have been I guess. I
think some of the programmers involved in the project will be following
this discussion.
So to modify resolv.conf what do you do ? Also the system calls you
mention will not survive a reboot right? So you need a way to set the
stuff in a persistent manner.

Thanks for your time.

> Ah, that is interesting.  I am not sure if you are involved with that 
> project or not, but here is some info you can use or pass on.  I am 
> sending it here on the myth list just in case someone here may find this 
> useful also.
> In that case you need CAP_NET_ADMIN.  You can change ip address with 
> ioctl SIOCSIFADDR, netmask with SIOCSIFNETMASK.  There are others for 
> setting other settings.  Not sure if there is one for DNS servers 
> though.  In the one project where I change DNS servers I cheat and 
> modify the resolv.conf file directly.
> For gateway and routing stuff you may need to mess with netlink.  I 
> haven't delved very far into this though.  Here is how you open a socket 
> to the netlink layer:  fd = socket(AF_NETLINK, SOCK_DGRAM, 
> NETLINK_ROUTE).  Then you need to do your netlink requests (man 
> netlink).  You should be able to find more detailed info on all the 
> above on google.

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