[mythtv-users] new YouTube plugin for MythTV

Justin Hornsby justin at mythtvthemes.co.uk
Tue Nov 13 15:02:24 UTC 2007

Islam Amer wrote:
> Well mythtv is GPL after all, so forking it is not an evil thing.
> Probably it was froked because it was based on an ancient version of
> mythtv.
> Did you actually try to see the theme ?
> About the basic stuff like wget and ffmpeg your comment is right of
> course, but I was talking about things like handling the network, how
> can you do that without gaining elevated privileges ?
Yes I've seen it.   I don't want to be associated with this effort so 
I'd appreciate having my name (and the names of my own themes) removed 
from the files in the repository.  It's not much effort to delete it.  
Lazily copying files is much easier of course.

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