[mythtv-users] Dvico Lite channel change time

xpavement rlingenf at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 13 14:52:32 UTC 2007

I recently bought a Winfast DTV 1000-t but was dissapointed with the 3 - 5 seconds it often takes to change channels. I'm told it's 'just the card'. I'm now looking at the Dvico Lite as a second tuner, but am interested to know whether the extra $70 is worth it. Does it change channels any faster? Is the reception any better?

And how do I get rid of the "LMS Lock" box that takes up half my screen when I change channels? It's not something I want the end user to see. 


I am using a DVICO Fusion 5 RT Lite card with my mythtv setup. It doesn't change channels any faster than your 3-5 seconds on your other card. I am impressed by the reception though, as I am using a non-powered indoor antenna and I can get all my local ATSC stations off that. I'm not sure if you can get rid on the "Lock" bar message when changing channels, there may be a setup screen to toggle that, but it may also interfere with showing what show is currently playing on the channel you change to.

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