[mythtv-users] Recording of Sequential shows

Dan Cotter dancotter2003 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 13 11:21:14 UTC 2007

Does anyone else have trouble recording shows which are on one after the other on the same channel?

For example I scheduled to records 4 shows in a row on the same channel, each was set to start 5 minutes early and end 10 minutes late. Every second recording failed due to conflict, but when I originally set the recordings there were no conflicts. I have two tunners so I don't know why this happens, because I am not recording anything else on any other channels, so two tuners were available and there wasn't more than 2 recordings to be done at any one time.

If recordings of the same channel over lap, can it write to two files simulatenously from a single tuner or does it have to use two tuners?
Also is there anything which prevents MythTV tuning to the same channel on multiple tuners, why can I not record on the same channel simultenously even with two tunner cards? Its as if there is a conflict because the same channel is being recorded already.

I guess the only solution is to make the first show 5 minutes early, and the last show 10 minutes late, and the middle ones nothing. But my TV is often out by 5-10 minutes so a show would be across 2 recording files :(

Thanks for any help!

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