[mythtv-users] deleting from telnet interface

Jason Marshall marshalj at spots.ab.ca
Tue Nov 13 01:11:31 UTC 2007

John Veness wrote:
> Jason Marshall wrote:
>> Failing that, I don't see a setting in my 0.20.2 settings table that is 
>> specifically for not displaying the pixmaps from within mythweb.  BUT, 
>> maybe you could delete all the *.png files from your recordings 
>> directory, and set the GeneratePreviewPixmaps setting to false, like 
>> "update settings set data=0 where value="GeneratePreviewPixmaps".  That 
>> will turn it off for all hostnames (frontend/backend/whatever).  In 
>> theory, once you turn that back on, it will start generating pixmaps 
>> again...??? 
>> Personally I'd just leave it on and use elinks to browse to mythweb...
> Another idea is to use a graphical web browser but turn off images so 
> that they don't get downloaded over your thin pipe. I haven't had to do 
> that for years, but used to do it all the time back in the day with 
> Netscape 0.x.

Wow, I didn't think you could even do that anymore, but sure enough with 
my semi-modern Firefox, it still has that feature!  So there you go, 
whoever it was, you have lots of options now!


PS.  Brad, I didn't realize it was mythweb making those png's -- I 
haven't tried turning off the GeneratePreviewPixmaps setting to see if 
mythweb honours that, though,  have you?  I bet you are right, and I'd 
almost consider that a bug...  If it turns out you're right, of course!

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