[mythtv-users] deleting from telnet interface

Jason Joines jason at joines.org
Mon Nov 12 20:45:05 UTC 2007

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Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] deleting from telnet interface
From: Dan Ritter <dsr-myth at tao.merseine.nu>
To: Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>
Date: Mon Nov 12 13:42:41 2007
> On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 07:07:30PM +0000, John Veness wrote:
>> Jason Joines wrote:
>>>     What I want to do is manage my recordings from a remote low 
>>> bandwidth connection.  I've tunneled VNC back through SSH but it was too 
>>> slow to be usable.  Had the same problem with the web interface.  
>>> However, using the telnet interface was just fine in this regards.  
>>> Something like an ncurses based frontend would be ideal.
>> I used ssh to my machine, then lynx (or some other text-based browser) 
>> to connect to localhost/mythweb one holiday. This was because I went 
>> away in a hurry and I already knew how to setup a secure ssh connection, 
>> but didn't know how to setup secure apache open to the world, so this 
>> was the quickest solution. It was pretty tedious to browse through 
>> mythweb via a text browser, but it just about worked.
> I use this SSH invocation:
> ssh -L 2000:mythbox:80 user at gateway
> which creates a tunnel such that http://localhost:2000 is
> actually the mythbox's port 80.
> Coupled with gzip compression, mythweb is pretty usable.
> -dsr-

    I was also tunneling the mythweb through SSH but it was too slow to 
use.  I didn't try using a text based browser to access it though.  I'll 
give that a try.  Another post in this thread suggested turning off 
thumbnails.  Any idea where that setting is in a config file or table?


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