[mythtv-users] external channel change script messed up other tuners, and other issues

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 20:31:39 UTC 2007

On 12/11/2007, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics
<steve at priorityelectronics.com> wrote:
> Hello, i have a two pvr-500's, giving me 4 tv tuners. This weekend i took my
> cable box and hooked it up to the back of one of the tuners. I then setup
> the channel change script that i found on ubuntu's site. Life was good.
> I turned on some tv and it worked great. But, later on, i was back on one of
> the analog tuners and when i hit channel up or down, i get a video can't be
> displayed error that kicks me back to the main menu. So i went back into
> live tv and tried again. Same result. So this time i tried to go back in an
> manually enter in a channel, that worked fine. I was able to repeat this
> process many times. Only when i hit channel up or down do i get this error,
> and only on the analog tuners. When i'm viewing the cable box connected
> tuner, it works great.
> Any ideas?

Did you create a new video source for the cable box channels? Is it
attached to the correct input/card?

Did you make sure that all channels on the cable box's source have got
the correct 'frequencies' for the channel chager script to use?

Nick Morrott

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