[mythtv-users] external channel change script messed up other tuners, and other issues

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Mon Nov 12 19:52:46 UTC 2007

Hello, i have a two pvr-500's, giving me 4 tv tuners. This weekend i took my
cable box and hooked it up to the back of one of the tuners. I then setup
the channel change script that i found on ubuntu's site. Life was good.
I turned on some tv and it worked great. But, later on, i was back on one of
the analog tuners and when i hit channel up or down, i get a video can't be
displayed error that kicks me back to the main menu. So i went back into
live tv and tried again. Same result. So this time i tried to go back in an
manually enter in a channel, that worked fine. I was able to repeat this
process many times. Only when i hit channel up or down do i get this error,
and only on the analog tuners. When i'm viewing the cable box connected
tuner, it works great.
Any ideas?
Also, for some reason, there are mysterious gray lines from the top left to
the bottom right of the picture when viewing the cable box connected tuner.
It's not so bad that you can't watch tv, but it is somewhat noticable. When
i connect that same rca connecter to the tv directly instead of to the back
of my pvr-500, there are no lines, so i know it's my card, linux box,
configuration, or something like that. Anyone else ever see this? How can i
troubleshoot this one?
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