[mythtv-users] New Motherboards and PCI and PCI-e

Elanor jamina1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 19:09:25 UTC 2007

I attempted building an HTPC using Mythtv about a year ago and, much to my
dissappointment, ended up with a dysfunctional Foxconn board that didn't
actually support tv-out like it said it did and at that point Mythtv and
PCI-e video cards weren't cooperating so I sent the motherboard and chip

Now I have a computer all ready to go with no motherboard or chip.

Looking on newegg, it seems now that my only option is an AM2 board which
means I have to buy new memory as well as the motherboard and chip thats
missing. Grah.

I need 3 PCI slots, plus a video card slot too if the motherboard doesn't
support tv-out onboard (which few of them do now except for HD and I need
regular tv out instead)

So my question is:

Is mythtv/linux playing nicely with TV-out on PCI-E cards now? Otherwise I'm
stuck with older model AGP boards which are few and far between.

Are there any micro-atx boards out there with 3 pci slots that function well
with mythtv (onboard video out that works is a major plus)? I need 3 pci
slots for my 2 encoders + a wireless card.

Thanks for any feedback.
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