[mythtv-users] glass-wide, a widescreen GUI theme for MythTV released

Justin Hornsby justin at mythtvthemes.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 18:21:14 UTC 2007

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:
>  Any
> reason why there is no 4:3 theme for this one? How much time would something
> like that take? Also, since I've never delved into theme making, how much
> time did it take you to make this one?
> -Thanks
> -Steve
The only reason I can come up with (and it's a damn good one from my 
point of view) is that I don't have a 4:3 TV.

As far as time to make it is concerned, probably way in excess of 70 
hours.  That said I came up with the first drafts last July or so, so 
probably longer.


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