[mythtv-users] OT: HOWTO F7 to F8 via yum

Ralf Kleineisel ralf at kleineisel.de
Mon Nov 12 16:17:01 UTC 2007

Mike LaPlante wrote:

> Note, don't blame me if your system explodes and catches fire to your 
> entire house. I have not tested this myself, but I may try it on one of 
> my less important F7 systems. Also I'm not sure how nicely this plays 
> with ATrpms, assuming you could edit the atrpms.repo file and change the 
> version.

Works fine, I did several machines from 6 to 7 that way and one from 7 
to 8. Sometimes a few dependencies require some work.

If you want to be careful and have 10G or so of hard drive space to 
spare you might use a dual boot config:
- Create a second root partition
- Boot from a rescue CD (e.g. Fedora install DVD)
- dd your root partition onto the spare one
- Edit grub.conf and fstab

Now you can upgrade one of the installs and if anything breaks you still 
have your working install.

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