[mythtv-users] seektables for mythvideo?

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Mon Nov 12 12:29:43 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Mythvideo uses the internal player for most formats, this is great for
the overall integration and common interface/look & feel.

But the internal player need a seektable in order to fast forward and
rewind smoothly.

I had a few issues with a corrupted MySQL database that broke my
seektables for recorded TV and I had to re-generate them using

Is there a way to do something similar for Mythvideo stuff so that I can
seek smoothly while watching stuff in there?

Last question: what formats (like mpeg2, xvid, h264, etc..) and
containers (like mpeg ts, mkv, avi, etc...) are supported by
mythcommflag for generating seektables?

If my assumptions are wrong, please correct me.

Thanks for you help,


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