[mythtv-users] System Configuration considerations

Stephen Robertson stephengrobertson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 11:01:42 UTC 2007

> I work in the security industry and got my hands on a dead DVR that was essentially a super compact PC. I was planning on building the PVR in that but I found that the MiniATX motherboard I was planning to use was an inch too wide to allow me to fit the HDD inside.
> Since typing the first email I have found out about MiniMyth and after contemplating a split system I am now considering revisiting the DVR case and use a CF card (or USB flash memory) instead of a HDD.
> (I haven't been able to find much info on MiniMyth apart from how to set it up. What's it like?)

I've found minimyth to be very good and I use it with no disk at all,
it can boot over the network which works very well for me.  I'm
running it on an EPIA M10000 board.  My backend is an ageing (~
1.something Ghz) machine and it seems to cope ok, but  I don't do any
commercial flagging or much transcoding.  The two myth systems are on
a cabled 100 network.   I'm not an expert on minimyth but give me a
shout if I can be any help.

Yes you can watch live tv on seperate frontend.  In reality "live" tv
in myth is actually a recording you are watching which is why there is
a little bit of a delay when starting to watch it.

I also quite often use my laptop wirelessly as a frontend without any
problems, although to be fair nothing else is using the wireless at
the same time so I have no idea how much safety margin I have.


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