[mythtv-users] Branch differences?

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Sun Nov 11 19:39:47 UTC 2007

2007/11/11, Ismo Tanskanen <ismot>:
>  Sorry about newbie question, but what are differences between mythtv
>  branches?
>  If I look at svn download area I see:
>  auto-configuration
>  commdetector2
>  commflagging
>  multiuser
>  mythexport
>  mythmusic-ui
>  mythtv-channel-scan
>  mythtv-eit
>  mythtv-multirec
>  mythtv-pip
>  mythtv-qt4
>  mythtv-vid
>  mythui
>  mythweb-ui
>  release-0-18-fixes
>  release-0-19-fixes
>  release-0-20-fixes
>  settings-revamp
>  softpad
>  themestringstool
>  Then there is trunk version. I understand -fixes versions, multirec and
>  trunk, what apparently is latest code?

trunk is the latest code. the different branches are for testing
purposes (like multirec or multiuser) before they sometime in the
future become a part of the official release.

>  But what are those else? Is there any good description about branches?
I can only guess according to name that:
-qt4 is for QT v.4. MythTv is working at the moment with QT3.
-pip is for PictureInPicture although I have no idea what is being
done there, because I believe that most of the people are not using it
(I was using it a few months ago, but I did no like it because PIP was
in square format, not in 4:3)
-eit stands for Event Information Table which is a part of DVB-SI
(service information). EIT contains EPG data
mythmusic-ui is probably some kind of new gui for MythMusic, because
there were a few discussions on the list about the current gui.
multiuser is the same as others branches and devs are using this
branch for multiuser feature in mythtv

>  And major differencies on 0.18 , 0.19 , 0.20 and trunk versions?
check the changelog in wiki:


Thanks for response.

I'm not familiar with svn "protocol"
So, are all 0.20.-fixes included to trunk? I run latest trunk code, and 
i'm wondering if this ticket is included:

Or should I add patch to source myself? I'm having this freezing problem 


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