[mythtv-users] Mythwelcome and ACPI wake up

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Nov 11 17:59:21 UTC 2007

fb517255 at skynet.be wrote:
> Ok as requested;
> I changed .gnomerc to 
> /home/mythtv/start.sh > /tmp/start.log 2>&1 &
> In start.log I found
> mythtv: unexpected token in line /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc:596
> mythtv: unexpected token in line /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc:596
> I removed the line 596 but I don't suspect this being the problem of
> mythwelcome
> and start.sh has the following;
> #!/bin/bash
> /usr/bin/mythwelcome -v all > /tmp/mythwelcome.log
> Now that I use the full path to launch mythwelcome I have mythwelcome
> and mythfrontend on my screen. At least I have something on my screen
> now ;)
> Now why did mythwelcome launch the front-end as it was an auto start-up?
> Can I check this somewhere?
> Greetings
> Matthews
Basically MythWelcome and MythShutdown were written to work together to
co-ordinate the wakeup/shutdown process. When you replace mythshutdown
with your own scripts you can break things.

MythWelcome uses 'mythshutdown --startup' to determine if  the computer
was started automatically to record something or because one of the
wakeup periods is about to start.

mythshutdown --startup checks the "MythshutdownWakeupTime" setting in
the database which should be set to the next wakeup time. If we are
withing 15 minutes of that  time then an automatic wakeup is assumed and
mythfrontend wont be started by  mythwelcome.

The "MythshutdownWakeupTime" gets set when mythshutdown --shutdown is
called by mythbackend just before shutting down the computer.

I'm guessing that your scripts don't set the "MythshutdownWakeupTime"
setting so mythshutdown --startup always thinks it was started by the user.

I use nvram-wakeup but I'm sure it's possible to set things up to use
ACPI and have everything work properly because I've applied several
patches to make it possible to do just that. You just have to figure out
how to plug you scripts into the mythshutdown process to do what you
want :-)
Paul H.

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