[mythtv-users] Comcast OnDemand on Multiple STBs

Worldnet onley at worldnet.att.net
Sat Nov 10 21:52:07 UTC 2007

>> I need to send non-channel info to the STBs to use the On Demand 
>> programing feature (this is channel 1 on Comcast and once there you 
>> interact with onscreen menus to select a show to watch. Many feel this 
>> service has no value with a Myth system but it has great content forthe  
>> kids) on Comcast cable. I have the 4 STBs working and haveadded code to  
>> DCT2000 channel_change script so that it will accepta command line arg  
>> for the serial port. I then give the serial arg inthe "external tuner  
>> command" area in myth so that all 4 STBs can usethe same script. This  
>> is all working very well. My problem is that Ineed to be able to send  
>> other codes to the STBs to interact with onscreen menus that are not  
>> part of myth. I would like to be able to sendthese through the SAME  
>> mechanism that we have outlined here so that Idon't have to interogate  
>> the backend to see which tuner I am watchingand then send the left,  
>> right, up, down, and select codes to a daemonon the backend which will  
>> then pass them to the appropriate STB.My first approach was to choose  
>> dummy channels and setup the lircrcconfig file to send say 981 when you  
>> press the down arrow. Then I wentinto the channel_change script and  
>> setup a case that would change 981to DOWN and send it to the STB. This  
>> worked like a charm but Myth willnot send a channel change to the STB  
>> if you are already on that channelso you could never send 2 consective  
>> down arrows for example. I posedthis in DEV as I thought it would be  
>> possible to preface a command(esc code it if you will) so that myth  
>> would send it to the built in"external tuner command" but digging into  
>> the Myth code is above myability. The best approach I have yet been  
>> able to come up with is tohave lircrc call a script when the down arrow  
>> is pressed that willinterogate the backend to see which STB I am  
>> watching then send theSTBs ID and the desired code to a daemon on the  
>> backend which wouldforward the code to the correct STB. This is a lot  
>> more monkey motionthan being able to ask Myth to do it through the  
>> channel change mechanism.Paul--Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail  
>> client: http://www.opera.com/mail/ 
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> The change channel script does not interact solely with mythtv. Sorry,  
> If Imissed the rest of your post, but I was wondering if you thought  
> aboutbypassing myth's channel change to achieve what you want. Perhaps  
> by usingirexec executing the channel change command directly with  
> arguments for up,down ,etc.

That would work but in order to do it that way I would need to determine  
tuner is being used. As noted above I have 4 STBs on the master backend  
and I
need to send the codes from remote frontends to whichever STB is being  

I had originally posted this in Dev in the hope that some functionality  
be added to Myth whereby you could send non-numeric information through the
external tuner command and Myth would get it to the correct STB for you.

Other wise I have to interogate the database (not sure how yet) to find out
which STB  I am watching and then execute a script to send the codes to the
correct STB (which in on another machine) on the backend. It would be much
easier to do it through the external tuner command, and with interactive
programing becomming more and more common I would think that this would
be a desireable feature.

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