[mythtv-users] 1920x1080 transcode adds "grey bar"

Randall Hopper viznut at charter.net
Sat Nov 10 01:30:01 UTC 2007

Jonathan Rogers:
 |>  |Randall Hopper wrote:
 |>  |> When Myth transcodes 1920x1080i programs to MPEG-4, it incorrectly
 |>  |> adds a "grey bar" at the bottom of the transcoded video.
 |> I'd be happy if it mythtranscode just encoded black lines instead of grey
 |> ones (if it had to encode them at all).  
 |> Displaying 16:9 transcoded video on a 4:3 TV results in a nasty gray line
 |> running through the middle of the display.  But black I could live with --
 |> totally ignorable.
 |Through the middle? I thought it would be at the bottom, where it would
 |probably be in the overscan area of a CRT TV.

Yes, though the middle.  Here's the catch: we're fitting a 16:9 signal
1920x1080) into a 4:3 display.  So we've got 25% of the height of
the 4:3 tube that's not being used.  This makes the top and bottom of the
16:9 signal run through the middle of the display -- not anywhere near the



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