[mythtv-users] Problem with watching one channel while recording other. Dual tuners

Martin Amberg martin.amberg at linewise.se
Fri Nov 9 23:16:24 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,
I'm pretty new to linux and mythtv so bare with me.
The last couple of weeks I've been setting up a mythtv combined frontend/backend system on a 2.66 Core 2 Dual system running 2Gb memory, 2x500Gb SATA HDDs, 1xNvidia 7600GS, 2x TechnoTrend 1500 DVB-C tuners. I'm running ubuntu 7.10 dist but with minimal install and have added packages as I have needed them.
For the record I have some, relatively minor problems like pink screen of death, pixelization while watching normal tv and stuttering while watching hdtv but one of my more serious problems, the one which I would appreciate some help with is that when I'm recording on one of my tuners and watching live tv on the other tuner, the program I'm watching will freeze after about 20 sec leaving lots of "NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times." in the mythfrontend.log. I don't know what this messages means. Then after about 20-40 sec the picture starts running again and runs for about another 20 sec then hangs and so on and on. The recorded show seems to work fine without any interference. This unfortunately makes my dual tuner setup pretty worthless for me :(
I can't see that it could be a performance issue with my hardware so I guess that I probably have a faulty setup or something wrong with some hardware. According to the fairly even intervals of the error and the events written in the frontend log I would guess on perhaps some kind of memory buffer trouble?
I have noticed that all my memory seem to be drained by something, leaving about 50 megs of a total of 2000 free. Don't know if this is normal behavious on a fe/be system.
Any advice, help or suggestions on pointing me in the right direction would be very welcome.
Thank you
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