[mythtv-users] [Slightly OT] Remote MythTV, Cable and Broadband in Canada

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Fri Nov 9 17:01:53 UTC 2007

> Well...
> We're building a house out in Canada up above Montreal in Tremblant.
> It's going to be rented out. We've got enough CAT 5 stuffed around the
> place (well I've just jinxed it now haven't I..) so placing frontends
> about shouldn't be a problem.
> Where I'm falling down though, is gathering information about
> available cable companies in the area, so; A) We can contact one and
> get them to hook us up, and B) we know what channels will be available
> whether it be through digital or analogue.
> I type "cable london" or "broadband london" into Google and I get the
> all info I could possibly need for doing this and dozens of companies
> offering me the service (for the broadband) available in London. Doing
> a similar thing for Quebec, Montreal, Tremblant etc. doesn't seem to
> be returning a similar array of results. I just don't seem to be able
> to "get" how things work over there :-s
> How do I find out what cable providers are in the area?
> If I can't get broadband and/or telephone with the cable.. I assume
> I'll need a standard telephone line with (a)DSL on it? Is it like the
> UK market where you can buy your DSL from almost anyone independent of
> your line provider?
> Are there any good review sites like http://www.thinkbroadband.com/
> for the Canadian market?
> I've had a look at few but the websites aren't really "speaking to me"
> and seem a bit dated and I couldn't really find too much detail on
> availability and technical details like what cable boxes would be
> supplied etc.
> Once all the above is sorted, I'll hopefully be able to get a MythTV
> backend installed in a locked off machine room. Then I'll no doubt be
> scouring the list archives and wiki entries for how best to get a
> transatlantic MythTV system on the go!
> In effect this is all leading up to likely countless on topic posts..
> but I do still apologise in advance for this post. I don't mind
> off-list replies.
> Thanks
> Steve Daniels

In Ontario I can get HD material from the set top box provided by Rogers.
This just covers the basic stuff (Global, CTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) and a
lot of stations are not output through firewire. For some reason CBC is
not available at all digitally. I really have no idea if Rogers is
available in Quebec, but I was under the impression Videotron was a major

You might also want to try http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum


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