[mythtv-users] start on channel3 ?

Phil Bridges gravityhammer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 13:18:12 UTC 2007

On Nov 9, 2007 1:23 AM, les <bert at pacbell.net> wrote:
> I have two cards.  pvr-350 and pchdtv5500 and when i end setup I get
> message "set to start on ch3
> which does not exist"
> I am using the 350  s-video from dtv stb only.. and the 5500 for over
> the air..
> the message also says card 8 (type s-video 1 ) the pvr350
> card 9 type (dvbinput)  5500
> do i have a problem ?

To get rid of those messages, go into mythtv-setup and delete all
capture cards (*not* delete all capture cards on backend) and then
recreate.    Make sure you set the starting channels.  This will also
reset the card numbers.

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