[mythtv-users] RE Now not just BBC Radio missing...

OneBob onebob at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 09:21:13 UTC 2007

>OneBob wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I never got round to thanking those who answered my first post some
>> months ago, so thank you, since then I've got the system fairly well
>> bedded in - 2 Nova T tuners on knoppmyth backend, EPIA frontend no
>> tuner PClinuxOS with myth loaded, works quite well, frontend only
>> occasionally locks up when rewinding?
>> Anyway my main reason for posting is to ask if anyone else has a
>> problem with the BBC radio (1,2,3,4) EPG (OTA), it's all marked as no
>> data (just like 301-5 which I expect) and although I've only just
>> realised it, it must have stopped about 4 weeks ago as a radio program
>> has failed to record the last 4 weeks.
>> Any ideas?
>> Cheers
>> David
>All the BBC radio channels have moved to a new home on a different
>multiplex, meaning you have to rescan/sacrifice a goat on the 3rd
>Tuesday of the month...
>You've probably missed the new (though hardly sparkling) new Freeview
>channels coming on the air too, such as Dave & Virgin1.

Thanks for that I also read Andy's reply last night - the thing is as Myth
is set to get the EPG from the cards OTA (thus Dave & Virgin turned up all
by themselves) and as my Thomson PVR (to go!) box still shows the BBC radio
listing without a retune, I didn't even consider this action 8^(

However having done the rescan lastnight I have a few questions, perhaps I
should fill in a little detail: for some months now I seem to be having
trouble with some of the ITV stations, even ITV1 breaks up, I'm sure it
didn't when I first built the machine. I've had the experts in the check the
aerial/distribution box and all have a clean bill of health, but they can't
understand why the reception is so poor (fortunately free call out!) the one
thing they did discover is that when the Myth box was disconnected from the
distribution box the ITV channels on the Thompson played better.

Anyway watching the rescan the signal to noise was 98-100% so no problem
there, as I watched the channels go past I could see the strength go up to
about 30% on most of the stations, but here's the odd thing, towards the end
when all the listing said was timed out, the strength shot up to 100%????

Now this morning I still have not got any BBC 1-4 radio listings, yet I
would have expected them to appear overnight?

Any help from the list will be greatly appreciated


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