[mythtv-users] Upgrading backend, need recommendations

Bill Omer bill.omer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 16:43:21 UTC 2007

I'm thinking about putting a little bit of money in my backend, and
I'd like some recommendations as to where I should improve.  I'm
trying to stay on a tight budget, so I dont want to replace the entire
system right now.  My goal for the upgrade is to improve performance.
Sometimes going in to the 'Watch Recordings' screen takes for ever,
and sometimes wont load.  Browsing through the program guide seems
slow, and I'm constantly getting the "lost connection to backend"

Currently my master backend is an AMD 1.2GHz Athlon with 768 megs of
ram.  I have two hard drives, the first is a 160 gig drive with some
bad sectors, so I've only partitioned the first 5 gigs to avoid the
bad parts and is used just for the os.  The other drive is a 250 ide
drive for storage.  I also have a pvr-150, pvr-150 and an hd5000.

The first two things seem obvious, I should upgrade the ram and
replace the faulty hard drive.  But should I bother with upgrading my
motherboard and processor?  This is a backend only machine. I have a
sata raid controller laying around that I picked up off newegg real
cheap, I'm wondering if I'll get the most bang for my buck if I a big
sata drive to replace the 250 ide (I think it only has 1 meg of

Any recommendations?

Bill Omer

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