[mythtv-users] missplaced error message?

Josh White jaw1959 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 14:37:58 UTC 2007


  I've been running my mythtv setup for about a month now, and I am quite
happy with it.  There are occasional problems, but that is to be expected
with such a complex system and an inexperienced administrator.  My question
right now concerns the quoted text below:

"Last mythfilldatabase run started on 2007-11-07 18:33 and ended on
2007-11-07 18:33. mythfilldatabase ran, but did not insert any new data into
the Guide for 1 of 1 sources. This can indicate a potential grabber

Since my system has been up and running, I have seen that message on my
/mythweb/status page.  Despite seeing this message, everything one would
expect to happen when mythfilldatabase runs happens, as in I always seem to
have current listing data and the list seems complete. I wasn't concerned
with this message at all until last night when I noticed a discrepancy
between my frontend machines list of recorded programs and my
backend/frontends list.  For some reason, a show I recorded Monday night
fails to display on my remote frontend system, but I see it listed on my
backend server and I am able to watch it.  I'm not sure if the problems are
connected, but it does seem to indicate a potential database problem.

So are these problems related?  If not, any clues as to what would solve one
or both of the problems? Please let me know if any further details would be


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