[mythtv-users] Sharing Console Display Over VNC

Mache Creeger mache at creeger.com
Wed Nov 7 18:57:39 UTC 2007

I have a Fedora 7 system running both a frontend and backend.  The 
kernel is I have installed the latest version of myth 
and have an nVidia 6200 with the nVidia drivers installed. It all works well.

I want to setup VNC so that I can log into the machine and control 
the console that is running the myth frontend through a window on a 
remote machine running a VNC client.

I have set up VNC so that I can run new GUI sessions on the server 
but am unable to share the GUI as it appears on the console desktop.

Any ideas on how to do this?

-- Mache

Here is my /etc/sysconfig/vncserver

# more vncservers
# The VNCSERVERS variable is a list of display:user pairs.
# Uncomment the lines below to start a VNC server on display :2
# as my 'myusername' (adjust this to your own).  You will also
# need to set a VNC password; run 'man vncpasswd' to see how
# to do that.
# DO NOT RUN THIS SERVICE if your local area network is
# untrusted!  For a secure way of using VNC, see
# <URL:http://www.uk.research.att.com/archive/vnc/sshvnc.html>.

# Use "-nolisten tcp" to prevent X connections to your VNC server via TCP.

# Use "-nohttpd" to prevent web-based VNC clients connecting.

# Use "-localhost" to prevent remote VNC clients connecting except when
# doing so through a secure tunnel.  See the "-via" option in the
# `man vncviewer' manual page.

VNCSERVERS="1:mache 2:mythtv"
# VNCSERVERARGS[2]="-geometry 1024x768 -nolisten tcp -nohttpd -localhost"
VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 1024x768 -nolisten tcp -nohttpd -shared"

Here is the /home/mythtv/.vnc/xstartup

# more xstartup

# Uncomment the following two lines for normal desktop:
exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

[ -x /etc/vnc/xstartup ] && exec /etc/vnc/xstartup
[ -r $HOME/.Xresources ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
vncconfig -iconic &
xterm -geometry 80x24+10+10 -ls -title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &
# twm &
gnome-session &

I am using tightVNC on a Windows XP machine as a client.  

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