[mythtv-users] guide data until 2028

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Wed Nov 7 07:56:16 UTC 2007


My mythweb backend status page tells me I have guide data until
sometimes until 2028.

I've checked into the mythconverge database, in the program table, and
yes, there is one single entry that is later than 2007, and it is for
something in 2028.

This may have come from an old, and failed, xmltv experiment. Since then
I have used EIT exclusively as my EPG source.

I was wondering:

      * Is this 2028 entry something normal and used to keep a check of
        sanity somehow, i.e. I should not bother/mess with it, it's part
        of the system
      * It is not normal and I should try to clean it up
              * can I just delete the table entry and be done with it,
                or would that break something in the DB?
              * Is there a mythfilldatabase wizardy that would fix it in
                a cleaner fashion?

Thanks for you help,


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