[mythtv-users] 100Hz TVs, flicker and modelines

Dan Gravell dan.gravell at talk21.com
Tue Nov 6 13:38:10 UTC 2007

I have a Sony KV-28FX68U which is supposed to be 100Hz. When MythTV (MythDora 4.0) is running at native PAL resolution the Myth UI and menus are extremely flickery, whereas watching recordings or live TV itself is fine. There's also quite a lot of overscan. If I change to use 800x600 the menus are quite smooth but the TV looks awful again.

Because TV is better in PAL resolution I want to stick with that but the flicker and overscan really annoys me. It's especially bad when viewing photos etc. Given that it's a 100Hz TV I should be able to remove the flicker, right? Right?

My frontend is an EPIA, I'm just using the EPIA xorg.conf that came with MythDora. I've no idea if this is supposed to require tweaking.


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