[mythtv-users] Comcast Fall attack

coffee177 coffee177 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 6 03:28:41 UTC 2007

Just found out from a friend of mine that called comcast about losing a
channel on the lineup- and I qoute:

"The girl I talked to admitted that Comcast is going to continue to
raise the price on basis extended (it's now $52.99) and take channels
away trying to get the customers to switch to digital before the
February 2009 date that everyone has to go to digital. She couldn't tell
me what channels we would be losing next, but she knew we would lose
them 1 by 1.

I called and was transferred to the wrong area the first time.   It was
a girl that services the Georgia area.  She told me the price of digital
was $49.99 so I should switch now.  After discovering that I was not in
the area she serviced she said I would have a different price in Indiana
so the price she gave me was wrong for my area.  Another unfair thing,
the price is so different depending on what area you live in.  Ours is
$69.99 for the same thing."

Now, Ive got an analog tuner (pvr150) and Ill probably be switching
soon. We are kinda limited here in Indiana. Wondering what my options

Anyone have comcast and using mythtv digital? Are there alot of channels
or are they all encrypted?

Being a comcast customer is so depressing...


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