[mythtv-users] Can you Sync MythTV Playback on multiple frontends

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Mon Nov 5 21:28:46 UTC 2007

On Tue, November 6, 2007 9:07 am, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> On 11/5/07, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics
> <steve at priorityelectronics.com> wrote:
>> Hello, I like to have people over and watch some tv every now and then
>> (don't we all).
>> What i want to know is: Can you start live tv on 2-3 frontends and then
>> sync
>> the playback on each one so that they aren't all 1-2 seconds off?
>> This would be a great feature. I know i can manually try to pause and
>> unpause them untill they are in sync, but it'd be sweet to not have to
>> worry
>> about this. Basically, i want it to work like regular tv's when you tune
>> them all to the same station.
> No.  I suppose it might be easier to achieve the sync using the
> telnet/network command feature of the frontend to send commands to it
> but there isn't any feature like that specifically that I'm aware of.
> Kevin

I'm not aware of such a feature, but it would be handy in our house. Often
two of us want to watch things in interconnecting rooms (eg one may be
cooking dinner and one relaxing on the sofa). We both want to watch the
6.00 pm news. Sound carries from one room to the other so if they are not
in synch it is very annoying.

Nick Rout

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