[mythtv-users] Reducing Mythtv computer "proliferation"

David Krainess davidkrainess at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 20:00:12 UTC 2007

> Yikes!
> To do what you want seems a lot more expensive and a
> lot less reliable.
> With the cost of computing hardware becoming more
> inexpensive all the time,
> why would you want to so this?

Then I could just "yum upgrade" on one PC, instead of
4 :)

All kidding aside, why...some of the "Data Center"
world is moving towards virtualization to maximize
hardware use and consolidate servers.  I feel I have 4
computers utilizing 5% to 20% of the resources on
each.  It seems like a waste.  

For now, I will probably stay with the 4 computers
though, I just thought it would be interesting to
investigate consolidation, since I am doing an upgrade

My current thoughts ont this, I think virtualization
may be the future answer.  Maybe virtualization could
get to a point to utilize specific IO resources
(specific capture cards, video cards assigned to
specific VM sessions) and 4 or 5 sessions could run in
a light virtualization shell like xen.  Then you would
have great redundancy and separation (a rollback is a
few seconds of time).  This is probably years out as
the technology and performance isn't there yet.  Then,
of course we need an extender card that can have a
wire snake to your output device setups (HDMI, IR,
sound..etc).  I realize this probably sounds ludicrous
now, but 5 years from now, hmm.  

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