[mythtv-users] xorg.conf for USA (NTSC) TV.

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Nov 5 15:19:53 UTC 2007

clemens at dwf.com wrote:
> Perhaps Im missing something.
> But when I set up a xorg.conf for a Monitor I work with the info that
> the monitor is capable of syncing to various Horizontal and Vertical
> Frequencies, and as long as I stay within its capabilities what I
> put down isnt going to destroy it.  BUT putting things in xorg.conf
> that are outside the monitors capabilities could damage it.
> I see a consumer TV as being a very dumb device, that is setup
> for only one set of Horiz/Vertical Frequencies, and I have a fear
> that if I dont put the right things in xorg.conf I could damage it.
> Is this correct?

Technically it *could* happen, but I wouldn't worry too much. There were
some reports many years ago of monitors/tvs being damaged by incorrect
scan rates of the incoming video, but sets are a little better today,
and I've not heard of such a thing in over a decade.

> If so (even if its not so) what should my xorg.conf look like in
> terms of Load/Options and Monitor/Screen sections (a full
> xorg.conf would be nice) for a STANDARD CONSUMER TV.

Not sure what a "standard consumer TV" is these days, but if you mean a
CRT-type NTSC-only SD set (the kind that will become obsolete soon) then
you will likely be feeding it via the composite video input connector,
and thus probably using the TV-Out connector of your video card. This
being the case, your video card should not be able to output any signal
that would damage your set.

You didn't mention what your video hardware is, if it's an nVidia card
their README file gives good information on how to set up TV-Out, or you
might start by looking here:


That should get you started, you can add custom tweaks (like over/under
scan) after you get a viewable picture.


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