[mythtv-users] Missing External change channel command input box

Ryan Allen ryan at the-summit.net
Mon Nov 5 04:14:17 UTC 2007

I figured this out, thanks to the guys on the MythTV IRC channel.

After reading the Docs, it appears I was completely misled. I hope
someone will read this and clear things up for them.

The Comcast Digital TV Set Top Box (Motrolla DCT5100 in this case), has
a coax TV out. I was under the impression (from reading the docs) it
output the HD mpeg stream of whatever channel it was tuned to.

  -- WRONG --

It's output is SDtv.

I thought I would use the ir-blaster to change the channel on the STB,
  and pipe the output to the HD-5000 card for capture.

  -- WRONG --

For some reason, the driver of the HD-5000 card does not allow it to
be set to channel "3" or "2" and just read HDTV stream from the input.
I guess this is not an issue because of my first false understanding.

The way to do it, and I have not seen it spelled out in any doc, wiki,
faq, or howto, is:

Use irblaster to change the STB channel.
Use FIREWIRE to output the mpeg HD stream from the STB to a "FIREWIRE"
capture device. I talked to comcast today, the customer support guy
told me they DO have STBes that have firewire out, and they are known
to work. Cool!, by my STB does not have one.

Apparently, comcast is rather liberal if you want to exchange it with
one that does have firewire output. I go there first thing in the AM
and see what they can do for me.

I hope this posting helps someone in the future. I thought I knew what
I was doing, but apparently I didn't "read between the lines" of the
docs throughly enough.


* Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote on [11-04-07y 14:00]:
> On 11/04/2007 02:23 PM, Ryan Allen wrote:
> > Where do we set the "external change channel command" in knoppmyth
> > R5F27? 
> >
> > I've read every piece of RTFM I can find, and they all say it's under:
> > mythtv-setup | input connections
> >
> > but on my myth box, it's not there.
> >
> > Ive RTFM ed all night, and looked through every menu I can find in
> > mythtv-setup and in the front end.  Its totally gone, or I'm totally
> > blind!
> >
> > I've got lirc working, and the command line script works good.  I just
> > need to do the final integration, and I'll be on my way.  
> >
> > What am I missing??
> Only exists on analog cards...  Perhaps you're missing an analog capture
> card.
> Mike
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