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Sun Nov 4 21:43:43 UTC 2007

On 04/11/2007, r jefferey <rjefferey at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Please let me know if I need to give more detail about
> any of the above items and what would work to build a
> working system. Thank you.

Please tell us how you're going to watch your recordings
(monitor/TV-out etc), and how you are intending to record them (I'm
assuming only via your Leadtek card).

For playback of standard definition MPEG-2 (e.g. from a Hauppauge PVR
card or DVD) material on your computer monitor, your AMD CPUs are more
than adequate. 512MB or RAM is preferable to 256MB.

If you're recording solely from your Winfast card and using your CPU
for on-the-fly encoding (a CPU intensive task), you should still have
enough horsepower for simultaneous recording and playback of LiveTV or
recordings. Using a hardware capture card removes this issue by
offloading the process of encoding the video from the CPU. This means
CPU requirements are typically reduced significantly.

I'm confident you could readily combine your available components into
a single usable machine and get started with MythTV. It might well be
possible to use the HP box as a remote frontend for playback. I'm sure
other folks more familiar with the Winfast card can offer more solid
statistics regarding capture/playback performance with different CPUs.
Don't forget to check the list archives and MythTV wiki as these
contain a lot of valuable information.

Nick Morrott

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