[mythtv-users] Mac binaries for OS X 10.5

Tom Carney evertek at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 18:27:25 UTC 2007

I recently bought a new Mac Mini to setup as a myth frontend and slave
backend.  I've been using my macbook as a frontend so I have a working
frontend binary which I compiled myself, this runs fine on 10.5.   I
am attempting to compile the backend (branch-0.20-fixes) on 10.5, but
this is failing (QT for mac ver3.3.6 doesn't support 10.5, I've tried
patching the qt source to accept 10.5 but I end up with errors else
where. and myth doesn't seem to work with qt 4x)

Has anyone gotten myth to compile on os x 10.5?  At least the
0.20-fixes branch?  I haven't checked the current SVN version for os x

Also does anyone have a mythbackend (and mythtv-setup) binary for ver
0.20.2 compiled with firewire support?  The frontend binary seems to
be running just fine, so I would like to test the backend as well.


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