[mythtv-users] Can I get HD content from Comcast Basic Cable in W. Mass? Any other HD solutions under $40/mo?

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Sun Nov 4 17:54:09 UTC 2007

On Nov 4, 2007, at 9:30 AM, Brian wrote:

> I'm tired of paying Comcast for their digital cable as our bill is  
> well
> over $120. I'll be switching back to basic cable as soon as I can
> provide my family with a Myth DVR solution. (installing FC7 now <g>)
> I currently use a Comcast DVR (DCT-3416) and receive HD on about 8
> channels. I really want to keep HDTV. While I have a PVR-500 for  
> analog
> (and a PVR-350 but that's headed to eBay), I'd much rather HD content
> for my 720p HDTV.
> Does anyone know if Comcast in Western MA broadcasts the locals in  
> HD on
> basic cable? Would a HDHR work to receive those channels?
> Does anyone have any other solutions that may provide MythTV with HD
> content for under $40/mo?

I don't pay for HD at all. I get it over the air with a pcHDTV-5500  
card and a $50 antenna from Radio Shack. Check http://antennaweb.org  
to see how many channels you can expect to get with this setup. Also  
note that OTA HD looks better than cable or Satellite HD. Cable and  
satellite compress the signal so much that there is a noticeable  
difference. I personally can't stand watching Comcast HD when I'm at  
someone else's house.

> I cannot spend $1000 via 16x9 for a modified DirectTV box. I can do a
> HDHR for $200. I'd greatly prefer a firewire solution as it's  
> basically
> free.

Legally, Comcast will have to provide you with a set top box that will  
output HD via Firewire that you can capture with your MythTV box. It  
doesn't always happen without an argument and speaking to higher-ups,  
but google for the FCC law that requires them to do it and cite that  
law when speaking with a representative if you can't get what you need.


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