[mythtv-users] seagate giving refunds out

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Nov 4 04:26:24 UTC 2007

On 11/03/2007 10:47 AM, Brian Wood wrote:
> I agree totally. I believe I have 3 "qualifying" drives but I will not
> submit any claim, as I do not want to encourage this sort of thing.
> OTOH the settlement may be structured so that the lawyers get what isn't
> paid out. If I knew that to be the case I'd go to considerable trouble
> to make sure I filed.
> These "settlements" with undisclosed terms are another major problem
> with the American legal system, but when you have a system where the
> lawyers make the laws such abuses are inevitable.
> But some settlements of such cases are really marketing in disguise.
> Witness the Wagner case against Tracfone, where the additional minutes
> awarded by the court can only be collected at the time of the "next
> purchase". Some real genius came up with that one, as I'm sure a lot of
> product will be sold that would not have been had the defendant not been
> "punished". (Boone County, Kentucky, Circuit Court, Docket 06-C1-304).

I agree.  I wish the US had a means of allowing "affected parties" to
explicitly denounce the class action and .  I'm really quite upset that
some moron lawyers are getting some of my money that I paid to--and
still feel belongs to--Seagate.

The only thing I've seen that's kind of like that are those cards you
sometimes get saying if you don't want to participate in the class
action to sign and return the card.  But, since those are to allow you
to file a claim of your own, I don't think using one would send the
proper signals.

Too bad it was cheaper for Seagate to settle than to fight the moron


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