[mythtv-users] seagate giving refunds out

griz_quattro griz_quattro at tx.rr.com
Sun Nov 4 04:17:18 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
> griz_quattro wrote:
>> Seagate has had a good run of drives for the past few years and
>> I can not complain. Penalizing a manufacturer for the buyer's
>> ignorance is nuts. It's as irresponsible as it is incredible.
>> I won't apply for a refund, even though the receipts are in the file.
>> Litigious States of America: where buffoonery is meagerly rewarded.
> I think you will see from my other posts that I agree with you. My only
> fear is that by not applying for a refund I will make it even more
> profitable for the attorneys and thus encourage more of this nonsense.
> A lot of us here have complained about the RIAA and their legal
> shenanigans, but I think this is even more pernicious, because a lot of
> people may see it as a "good thing".
> beww

If the non-collected money is going to the offending lawyers, I may opt
for the backup software or, worse, the monetary refund. I haven't been
following this at all 'cept for here on the list.
Reading settlement...SQ3R style......
Cash settlement is 5% of net cost of HDD.
Bare Metal Recovery software is part of the settlement as an ISO for
Linux. The software suite offered in the settlement is primarily for Mac
and Windows and has a claimed retail value of $40.

Seagate is getting hosed. They must pay not more than $1,792,000 for
Plaintiffs' Counsel, including up to $35,500 for both Plaintiffs, plus a
1/8th ad in USA Today, and the settlement to the rest of the naves.

Adult beverage is now being consumed, so...
it really only affects the legal part of brain.

If I am reading correctly, if 2500 people opt out, Seagate has the
option to terminate the agreement and the litigation will continue.
More legalese.... OK, I can confirm that Seagate is getting hosed.

Opinionated Summary: Two dolts hired a couple of shysters to get $5 back
on every $100 spent on a Seagate HDD because of the difference between
the way HDD makers and the operating system reports size/capacity.

This has already been cussed & discussed to the point that I believe we
can file our own absurd law suit against those, the dolts, who
perpetuated it in order to get the time back that we have spent writing,
researching, and responding to emails.

After all this, I'm still not going to try and get anything out of
Seagate. And, still can't tell if the lawyers get the difference of what
isn't claimed.

Common sense is any thing but common,

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